This ITV Segment Included A Joke About The Famine – And Viewers Were Furious

"You want to preserve the life of your potatoes. You Irish should know that..."


ITV's This Morning has landed itself in a bit of hot water with a rather ill-advised joke about the Famine during a segment on fridge storage.

During this portion of the show, Alice Beer was attempting to fill a fridge in one minute, but when Northern Irish presenter Eamonn Holmes questioned the wisdom of putting potatoes in the fridge, Beer replied with, 

You want to preserve the life of your potatoes. You Irish should know that, there was a bit of a shortage once upon a time.

Skip to 5.00 to witness the moment.

As you can imagine, viewers at home were not impressed with this offhand remark.

What do you make of the situation? Let us know in the comments. 

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