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06th Jun 2019

This Footage Of Michael D Higgins Cuddling His Dogs Is Melting People’s Hearts

Brian Dillon

When you put President Michael D Higgins and dogs together, the result is always going to be something adorable.

Recently, people have been sharing footage of the president giving his big ol’ fluffy friends a cuddle on Twitter, and people are absolutely loving it.

One Twitter user posted a video of Miggeldy with his dogs, writing, “Dear God. My heart just exploded. The only real President in the country today.”

Another wrote, “Look at how much Michael D Higgins’ dogs love him. Just look.”

Look at how much his dogs love him. That is way too adorable.

We really don’t deserve dogs.

The president and his dogs Bród and Síoda have constantly been serving up cute moments, and people have always been obsessed.

During the 2018 presidential campaign, candidate Peter Casey took aim at Micheal D’s dogs, claiming, with no evidence, that the president charged €10,000 dog grooming bills to the Irish taxpayer.

Michael D rejected these claims, saying that he paid for the dog grooming out of his own pocket.