Has This Formula Revealed The Details Of The New John Lewis Ad?

One for the music nerds...

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Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the release of this year's John Lewis ad.

Going on last year's timeline, it should land in the next few days and David Bowie has been tipped to be featured in the clip.

However, another site has said it is much more likely that rockers Arctic Monkeys, Fleetwood Mac or Muse will provide the soundtrack for the ad.

Voucher Cloud decided to analyse data gleaned from previous ads to put together scientific predictions for the new campaign and the results make for interesting reading.

1. Six out of the last seven cover artists released a debut album or EP in the previous three years

2. 100 per cent of the last seven cover artists have been British or Scandinavian solo indie singers

3. Six out of seven have been female

4. The song will most likely be a cover of a British male rock band that’s had at least four Number 1 albums in the UK

With all this in mind, they've narrowed down the list of bands to the following...

Screen Shot 2016 11 02 At 12 18 40

And it's likely that the track will be covered by...

Screen Shot 2016 11 02 At 12 18 50

An Arctic Monkeys cover by Tove Lo sounds pretty good to us!

We'll have to wait and see though...

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