Red Bull Are Releasing This Slick Box Set Featuring Their Best Short Films

Forget the drink... these guys are just a kick-ass media brand

Red Bull seem to be as much of a production company sports brand as they are a drinks company these days.

And their latest offering, clearly aimed at the lucrative Christmas market, is a box set featuring 12 of their best short action films.

Featuring their athletes Travis Rice, Travis Pastrana, Darren Berrecloth and Steve Fisher the collection is a pricey $149.99 – but when you consider the production value and risks taken making the footage it seems well worth it. It's all on Blu-Ray, which seems a bit old-timey in a world of digital formats, but it's nicely packaged. There's still some value in that, you know.

The really smart thing about this is that although you are paying for it and enjoying the action it is essentially one huge long Red Bull box set advert.

Well played, guys. Well played.

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Niall Harbison

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