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26th Jan 2020

Viewers moved by James Leonard interview on last night’s Tommy Tiernan Show

Sarah Finnan

James Leonard interview

Tommy was joined by a host of different guests on the show.

Viewers have weighed in on last night’s Tommy Tiernan Show, with many commenting not only on his superb interview skills, but on the inspirational story of one of his guests James Leonard.

Joined by a host of different guests, Tommy spoke to the likes of Glen Hansard and Molly Bloom, with music coming from Irish post-punk band The Murder Capital.

However there was one segment of the show that particularly resonated with the audience, and that was Tommy’s chat with Cork man James Leonard.

Briefly introducing himself to the audience, James started off by saying that he had spent time in and out of prison for short sentences related to heroin use.

Later adding:

“I’m not doing too bad today and someone thought it would be a bit of craic if I came on and a had a word with you.”

James discussed his addiction in-depth, outlining that while he is happy and healthy today it was not always that way.

“What I have today I strived for and I thought it was unattainable for me. It was a fantasy that I thought I’d never accomplish.”

First introduced to heroin at only 21 years of age, James hit home the message that “there’s nothing glamorous about it, every day is a struggle”.

There has been an outpouring of public support for the interview since it aired last night, with reactions being exceedingly positive.

As one viewer so aptly puts it:

“One of the most moving in a series of moving interviews by Tommy Tiernan”.

You can watch the James Leonard interview in full here.

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