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16th Feb 2018

A Huge American TV Star Has Just Confused One Million Followers By Tweeting As Gaeilge

James Fenton

Take that, Arlene Foster. The Irish Language is alive and well. That’s if this tweet by RuPaul is anything to go by anyway.

The American star of RuPaul’s Drag Race has addressed the Irish nation online this afternoon, referring to her pal and co-star Michelle Visage who is part of the judging panel on TV3’s Ireland’s Got Talent

The star wrote to her 1.13 million followers:

“A mhuintir na hÉireann! J an chraic? Cloisim go bhfuil mo chailín Michelle Visage ag déanamh thar cinn ar Ireland’s Got Talent Is léir go bhfuil sibhse, na banríonacha, deadlaí agus maightí freisin, ach b’fhearr daoibh an obair a chur isteach nó is ag sashayáil away a bheidh sibh!”

It roughly translates as:

“People of Ireland, any craic? I hear my girl Michelle Visage is doing brilliantly on Ireland’s Got Talent. It seems that you, the queens, are deadly and mighty too. But you better put the work in or you’d be sashayed away.”

A rallying cry the like of which we haven’t seen since Michael Collins. Some Twitter users were just a bit puzzled to say the least… 

While Irish people were incredibly impressed…

So, how do we reckon RuPaul would get on in the Leaving Cert?

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