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13th Sep 2018

PIC: “Masturbation Notice” Put Up In This Irish College’s Library Is Doing The Rounds Again

Darragh Berry

We know times get tough in college and the library is normally where you have several breakdowns throughout the year, but jeez lads this is not the place for this carry on.

College is back in full swing now and with that in mind, an old Athlone IT sign has been doing the rounds again to remind students what they most certainly shouldn’t be at in the library.

Athlone Notice 1

The sign starts of with the words: “Masturbation Notice” which is in such big letters that you can’t miss it.

“Masturbation in the library is a violation of the Athlone Institution of Technology Library Regulations.

“The recently refurbished carpet floors are not designed to handle your semen.

“The excessive amount of semen stain on the floor cost thousands of euro to be moved professionally and must be reflected in tuition fee rises for next year – It’s your money.

“Please go home and masturbate if you’re bored.”

Glad that everyone knows where they stand on that issue now.

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