PIC: Daniel O'Donnell Spotted In A Bar In Tenerife Doing The Last Thing You'd Expect Him To Do On His Holidays

Does this man ever get a break?

Daniel Odonnell Tenerife

Daniel O'Donnell is a living Irish legend. First and foremost, he's one of the most prolific singers the country has ever seen but that's towards the bottom of the list for reasons why we love him.

He's filthy rich, (this is how much he's worth and boy, is there a lot of zeros) he's an absolute gas ticket on social media - this post about smoked mackerel backs up this statement - and he's not afraid to be open about sex and freely talks about nipple clamps and Fifty Shades Of Grey when asked.

His fans range from grandparents in their 90s to superfans in their 20s (you might remember this viral Late Late audience member and DOD megafan, well, she's in jail now in relation to a 'cocaine laboratory' she was involved in).

He's a trooper, he's constantly on the road or on television singing about Pretty Little Girls From Omagh or raving on about how he Just Wants To Dance With You.

So when the poor man goes on holidays to Tenerife, the last thing you'd expect him to do is to do a gig to a packed out tourist bar.

Daniel Odonnell Tenerife Main

Image credit: Reddit

This is something that DOD is known for on his trips to Tenerife. Sure it isn't a holiday at all for Majella if that's the case, if he's still glued to the stage when he should be sipping on a cocktail and lounging about catching some rays.

We'd say he's massive in Spain. Proper Danielmania.

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