PIC: Orla From Derry Girls Was A Massive Character In Love/Hate But You'd Never Guess In A Million Years

The hair threw us off completely

Orla Derry Girls Love Hate

I re-watched series one of Derry Girls over the weekend because why the hell wouldn't you?

It is one of the greatest shows of all time and has the potential to break any sort of record that comes its way.

The jokes are already in the brains of Irish people throughout the country and are reiterated wherever we see fit.

Now that's the sign of an amazing programme.

I'm going to firmly throw my hat on the decision that Orla McCool is the best Derry Girls character.

It's a big statement, I know, but she says the least amount and still has audiences in stitches.

We all have a friend like Orla making it seem like you've known her for years.

But see the thing is, you probably have known Louisa Harland for years.

At least I felt I did anyway. The closer I got to finishing series one again, the more annoyed I got with myself.

I knew Harland from somewhere before this but I didn't know where.

And then it hit me.

Orla Derry Girls Love Hate 1

Peter Campion isn't the only famous face from Love/Hate that stars in the sitcom, Harland played JohnBoy's daughter, Kayleigh, for a couple of episodes in series two.

Finally, my head has stopped hurting.

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