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07th Feb 2023

‘Did Cork finally invade Waterford?’ US train company shares questionable map of Ireland

Fiona Frawley

inaccurate map of ireland and scotland

“Ireland as you’ve never seen it before”.

Over the years, there have been some questionable iterations of the map of Ireland.

First, there were the Brexit-era attempts at Britons drawing the Irish border.

Then, a UK beer company released an “Irish” beer with a map on the can completely omitting the North.

Now, American rail company Vacations By Rail have shared a map which places Cork on the east coast, the Giants Causeway along the Wild Atlantic Way and Dublin further north than both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Vacation By Rail’s map of Ireland has certainly got people talking.

The map, shared by journalist Darran Marshall on Twitter has racked up almost 200k views, with most users seeing the funny side of the inaccuracies.

“Quite the tectonic shift for the Giants Causeway to end up in Inishowen”, one user wrote.

“Handy too the way you can just head straight over to Scotland from Wexford”, another joked.
Others have promptly submitted the ground plan to popular Twitter account Terrible Maps, which, as the name suggests, shares pictures of terrible maps with a pinch of humour.
Quick 20 minute jaunt from Wexford over to Edinburgh, anyone?
Header image via Twitter/darranmarshall