PIC: Facebook Bots Started Talking Dirty As Gaeilge And We're Actually In Bits

"Is brea liom 69ers."

Facebook Irish Dirty Talk

Now, before you go any further in this article, the following pictures are NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK.

If you do choose to open them at your desk, have a quick look around and make sure nobody's watching you.

But if you get caught looking at it, best of luck trying to explain your way out of it.

A reddit user by the name of Logical1987 posted a picture on the site of one of those Facebook bots who want to show you a 'good time'.

You know the ones, that say they are less than a mile away despite the fact that you live in a small village of 20 people and you know them all.

Anyways, we all started to catch on to the fact that they were fake so they've really had to up the game in order to really crack their Irish audience.

Sure, start using a cúpla focal and we'll be putty in your hand. And you don't even need to be fluent to understand this raunchy paragraph.

Facebook Bots Irish

Translated, it reads:

"Hello, single person. I like to have a good time, especially on camera. I like 69s and threesomes. I am looking to do a lot more too. So, why don't you need this hot babe up?"

Isn't it bloody fantastic to see the Irish language thriving again. Now that's a phrase we'd all love to learn for the Leaving Cert oral.

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