PICS: This New Irish €2 Saving Challenge Could See You Become Very Rich In A Matter Of Months

So simple but so effective

€2 Saving Challenge

Everyone loves the idea of a saving challenge but nobody actually loves completing said saving challenge.

They're hard to stick to, you forget to donate your cents, euros, notes to the box and very soon, you need to crack it open for emergency pints.

But when you can physically see the money piling up in front of you, it does give you that bit of motivation.

This €2 saving challenge is a bit more fun than the generic ones that have been floating about the last few weeks.

This one involves a big box of Pringles so straight away, we're already invested.

The rules are simple.

You get a box of Pringles and said box gets obliterated in a matter of seconds (Pringles are life).

Once it's empty, you must fill the box right up to the very top with €2 coins.

But, the twist is you can only use €2 coins that you've received as change. So make sure to scoop out your pockets after a night out.

Finance expert Paul Merriman from has created his own style of this box and has even helped folks out by saving the first coinage for them.

Very sound of him.

Get saving!

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