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18th Oct 2018

PIC: Girl Tells Story About Pushing Michael D Higgins Against A Deli Glass In Galway

Darragh Berry

As a former student of NUIG, seeing Michael D Higgins isn’t really that big of a deal.

I remember daydreaming out the window one day in the library and thought I was going crazy from studying so much that I was hallucinating.

But no, there was Michael D Higgins in all his glory, rolling around the concourse and enjoying the exam weather while the rest of us sweated it out inside.

He’s been known to pop up at Galway United and Galway GAA games as a spectator, in shops, in lectures, basically here, there and everywhere in the town of the Tribe.

But we’d say he wishes that he had never entered the doors of this deli on a day that must haunt his dreams still.

Popular Instagram account Twisteddoodles tells the story of her awkward but funny encounter with Higgins.

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Describing it as her claim to fame, the cartoonist said that:

“When I was in Galway in University, I would visit a shop with a deli to get a roll and one day a wee old man was beside the deli.

“And despite having loads of room to get past him, I sorta stumbled and pressed him up against the deli.

“I am tall, much taller than him and he did not expect it. He could not understand what was happening because it happened really slowly.

“I kept saying sorry, he look terrified. Years later I still think about him. Poor, terrified, squished against a deli glass. It’s hard to believe he’s not President of Ireland, sorry Michael D.”

A sad day when Michael D has to swap his favourite chicken fillet roll haunt for fear that he’ll get squashed again by a randomer.

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