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06th Nov 2017

People Reckon This Is The Teaser Trailer For The John Lewis Christmas Ad


It’s time. The arrival of the John Lewis Christmas Ad for 2017 is imminent. 

When the advert drops it’s a sign that the festive period is truly upon us, with Christmas-lovers all over speculating about the theme of this year’s heart-tugger. 

Well a new Twitter account, @UnderTheBed2017, has cropped up and it’s only post is a four-second clip of a little animated creature alongside the hashtag #UnderTheBed. 

The tweet has already caused a storm online, with many reckoning it is in fact a teaser for this year’s John Lewis ad. 

See for yourself:

Considering last year’s ad was teased on November 7th, we can be expecting the teaser any day. 

It has previously been hinted that this year’s ad will have a Gruffalo-style theme in which case this teaser definitely fits the bill. 

Here’s some of the reactions so far:

We hope the ad arrives soon!

header image: UnderTheBed2017/Twitter

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