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WATCH: Limerick bartender trials speedy new serving system

By Sarah Finnan

September 15, 2020 at 3:19pm


House Limerick has shared a clip of their barman in action, videoing him serving a tray of drinks while simultaneously steering a scooter.

Anyone who has ever worked in hospitality will know that balance, strength and hands that can withstand burning hot temperatures are the keys to making it in the biz. The first is of particular importance when drinks are involved - learning how to serve while keeping all beverages standing upright is a skill that ya best pick up quickly if you want to make it through your shift without dousing yourself in hot tea/coffee... or worse, sticky cocktails.

Proving that their staff have got the balancing act down to a tee, House Limerick shared a video of what goes on behind the scenes at a staff meeting and it looks like a hoot. Posting a clip of barman Sean Naughton in action, he can be seen holding a tray with two drinks on it in one hand and steering a scooter in the other. Multitasking at its finest and not one single drop was spilt either - seriously impressive.

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Smiles behind the mask Well what can we say... you spend more hours at work than home sometimes,  so eventually your workmates become more like family. And none more so than Sean Naughton. If your looking for the messer or the fella who is up for anything, thats our Seanie. But like all messers, he has a heart of gold. No matter what you ask Seanie, he will be there to give you a hand. So needless to say at the end of a staff meeting,  when moods were high, Seanie was willing to entertain. Mind you, with how 2020 is going,this could become a thing🤣🤣🤣 Anyway, lets get back to what he is suppose to do😉He is the man behind the bar ensuring your taste buds will be tingling. He is also 1 of the lads who comes in ridiculously early to make sure that all delivery's are looked after. Outside of work, he has even dabbled in a spot of politics... but as the saying goes, never get into a conversation about politics or religion 😉😉 You can find Seanie on lunch tucked into a decent portion of wings, and when not working his tipple of fancy is Sacerac!

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They see him rollin', they hatin'.

American-style diners where staff wear roller skates already exist, but perhaps this could be the next big thing? Thank God my waitressing days are over is all I can say because this would not bode well for me or potential customers...

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