WATCH: Passengers On A Ryanair Flight To Dublin Treated To 'Free Bar' After The Grand National

Great buzz!

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There was a Ryanair flight with a difference yesterday evening as passengers on board were treated to a 'free bar' by none other than head honcho Michael O'Leary. 

Why the sudden outpour of generosity from the Ryanair boss? Sure didn't his horse only go and win the Grand National!

It seems that in the buzz of his horse, Tiger Roll, winning the grand trophy, there was a bit of a delay getting the winning jockey Davy Russell on board. A slight delay in take-off was explained by Michael O'Leary AND a bonus promise of a free bar. 

Except it's still Michael O'Leary, so y'know, a free bar is actually limited to one drink per person. 

Still though... Best craic on a Ryanair flight ever?

We'd be buying rounds if our horse won too, tbf...

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