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19th May 2020

WATCH: Padraig Harrington fails to impress his dog Wilson with his golfing skills

Sarah Finnan

Padraig Harrington

Think of golf and Padraig Harrington springs to mind, whether we’re specifically talking about Irish golf or not.

He’s played on the European Tour, the PGA Tour, has three major championships under his belt and has spent a considerable amount of time (over 300 weeks between 2001 and 2010) in the world top 10 rankings. Not to mention he’s also the  2020 European Ryder Cup Captain – quite an impressive body of work to date, I think you’ll agree.

However, while Padraig Harrington has amassed a large following of loyal fans around the world,  the golfer has failed to impress those closer to home… more specifically his dog Wilson, who seems less than impressed by his technique.

Sharing a handy tutorial on “how to become a versatile chipper”, Harrington posted a video online that shows him using the very first club he ever had. Demonstrating how to use an 8 iron to master a chip shot, Wilson makes a cameo appearance about halfway through even stopping to watch his owner make the shot, though to quote Shania Twain that don’t impress him much.

Golf aficionados were quick to thank Harrington in the comments though, with some even putting in suggestions for future videos so while the info may be lost on Wilson, it’s definitely going to good use elsewhere.

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