WATCH: Ryan Reynolds and his futile attempt to pronounce the name Eoghan

By Sarah McKenna Barry

February 2, 2023 at 12:33pm



It's no secret that Irish names are notoriously hard to pronounce if you're not from the Emerald Isle, and celebrities are no exception.

One star who tried his best to nail the pronunciation of one particularly tricky Irish name is Ryan Reynolds.

The Deadpool star, who is the co-owner of Wrexham FC, attempted to pronounce the name Eoghan after it was announced that Irish defender Eoghan O'Connell completed his deadline day move to the club.

The club's co-owner, Rob McElhenney posted a video which shows Reynolds attempting to get his head around the name, as well as Rob's obvious frustration.

Unfortunately, he doesn't get there in the end, with his final guess sounding like "Ergen."


Ryan isn't the only one who struggles with Irish names – across the pond in the UK, Irish names top the list of things Brits struggle to pronounce the most.

Topping the list was the Irish name Aoife (ee·fuh), which saw 9,000 searches a month.

In the second position with 7,000 searches a month was another Irish name - Saoirse(sur·shuh).

Coinciding with news events, the third and fourth positions were taken by Omicron (aa·muh·kraan) and Kyiv (keev).

Finding itself in fifth place, meanwhile, was the Brazilian fruit acaí (ah·sigh·ee).


Amongst the rest of the top 10 were two other Irish names - Niamh (neeve) and Siobhán (shiv·awn).

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