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15th Nov 2018

WATCH: The New Dumbo Trailer Starring Colin Farrell Is Adorable

James Fenton

As Disney classics go, Dumbo is up near the top of the all-time classics list for a lot of people. The tale of the adorable flying elephant resonates with a lot of people because, well, why wouldn’t it? It’s got charm, it’s got heart and most importantly it’s got an adorable baby elephant that can fly.

Next year, the story will get the remake treatment, although it has to be said that the new version is only loosely-based on the original. Tim Burton takes on the mantle of director and it does have a Burton-esque feel about it judging by the trailer that was released today.

Dumbo will star our very own Colin Farrell as Holt Farrier, the father of two children who become attached to the eponymous elephant, while the Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton and Eva Green also appear.

The movie is due for release in March 2019 and you can get a sneak peek in the trailer below.

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