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13th Feb 2020

WATCH: This guy on First Dates tonight might have the most contagious laugh you’ll ever hear

James Fenton

First Dates Ireland is on our screens again tonight and if nothing else, you’re guaranteed a good laugh if you decide to tune in.

In this week’s episode, we meet Conor from Dundalk who is on a date with Samantha from Belfast. The pair seem to be getting on well but when it comes to ordering their food, there’s something about the mention of oysters that sets Conor off. Once he starts, he doesn’t stop and soon the sound of his distinctive laugh has Samantha nearly falling off her chair as well.

In the below clip, Conor describes his laugh as “a wee bit weird” but adds that “it will make people laugh, that’s what I’m happy about but I’m embarrassed about it at the same time.”

As he struggles to stifle his laughter, Samantha reassures him that “it’s fantastic” and you can hear it for yourself by pressing play on the below teaser. Be warned if you’re listening on headphones in the office though because it’s so contagious, your colleagues will be wondering if you’re alright.

Absolutely wonderful. Also tonight on First Dates Ireland, we meet ‘straight-shooting hairstylist Peter from Cork’ who is on a date with Timmie from Clare and we also see how primary school teacher Dearbhla Meath and carpenter Bobby from Kerry get on.

It sounds like one of the most hilarious episodes in ages and it all gets underway tonight on RTE 2 at 9.30pm.

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