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15th Oct 2017

12 Ways To Say ‘Sexy’ In Ireland, Ranked In Order Of Attractiveness


No other nation can turn a phrase quite like the Irish.

We’ve gifted the world with great works of literature and Nobel laureates, but even the common man can give you pause with a casual word.

We like looking at typical Irish words and explaining their meaning for your benefit. We’ve brought you our slang terms for idiots before, but today we want to reveal all the Irish words for a hottie, so you can better navigate Ireland’s romantic scene.

If you’re having zero success with your love life, the problem may lie in your use of vocabulary — you need to be able to express how you truly feel.

To woo a Irish person, man or woman, these are the terms that’ll win their hearts… well, maybe.

12. Lovely

The word you use when you want to express your deep reserves of animal lust in the most Catholic way possible.

Example: “You’re so lovely you make me feel funny all over”.

Father Ted Bottom

11. Finer

A tween’s attempt at describing a profound sense of lust.

Example: “Never in all my life have I beheld such a finer.” 

10. Dinger

Not to be confused with a small rubber boat, this is a term of endearment reserved for the attractive. 

Example: Your ma’s a right little dinger. No offence.”


9. Massive

In this particular case, size equates to hotness.

Example: “Jaysus love, you look bleedin’ massive”.

Awooga Bart

8. Feek

Perhaps the most perfect verbalisation of your most primitive urge.

Example: “You’re some feek, d’you that?”

7. Beave

What you say as you shake your head, incapable of comprehending such raw sexiness.

Example: “Janey mac, you are a beave.”

Thank You Amy

6. Wetser

Probably one of the most charming words in the English language.

Example: “I’ve seen some wetsers in my day, but you take the biscuit”.

5. Lash

Used when you feel a sudden and unbridled sense of attraction.

Example: “Yer man swaggering around is such a lash”.

Mcgregor Swagger

4. Mount

Bust this out when you feel a sense of vivid imagery is appropriate.

Example: “I know I don’t say it enough, but you really are a mount”.

3. Stunner

Less formal than its boring cousing “stunning”.

Example: “Excuse me, but I just have to say that you’re an absolute stunner”.

You Are Welcome

2. Beor

While scholars differ over the exact spelling of the word, they all agree it indicates a thoroughly attractive individual.

Example: “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re some beor?”

1. Ride

So simple, so elegant — the ultimate appellation of the Irish hottie.

Example:C’mere and I ride ya, ya big ride ya”.

Oh Stop It You

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