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22nd Jun 2020

Winona Ryder claims Normal People ‘saved’ her

Sarah Finnan

Winona Ryder

Normal People counts many famous faces amongst its fans including Kourtney Kardashian, James Cordon and now Winona Ryder who claims that the series ‘saved’ her during lockdown.

Golden Globe winner Winona Ryder is the latest big name to mark herself as being a fan of Normal People, saying in an interview that the series has been her saving grace over the past few months – joining the ranks of a long line of other fans around the world in doing so.

Speaking to The Sunday Times newspaper, the Hollywood actress clued the public in on how lockdown is going for her and how she’s feeling particularly emotional given all that’s going on in America – namely the Black Lives Matter protests. Saying that the series has “saved” her, she went on to add:

“I’ll be weeping all day and then I’ll be weeping all night because I’m watching Normal People.”

Having already watched the series three times through, Ryder later admitted that she plans on rewatching it yet again such is her love for the Sally Rooney masterpiece.

“I watched it for the third time last night. And I’m planning on watching it more.”

A woman after my own heart so she is.

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