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08th Dec 2017

You Can Now Play This Classic ’90s Game For Free On Your Phone

James Fenton

If you were a kid or teenager in the mid-’90s, the chances are you’ll be familiar with Streets Of Rage, one of the most popular games on the must-have console that was the Sega Megadrive.

The aim was basically to wander the streets beating up baddies and while it probably wasn’t a great influence on our warped little minds, it was a great way to keep us out of any real trouble for hours on end. 

The great news is the game is now available to play for iOs and Android via the Google App Store and it won’t cost you a penny. 

To go with the new release, Sega has brought out the below trailer which will whet your appetite for the dose of nostalgia that downloading the game is sure to bring. 

That’s the Christmas entertainment sorted. There is an option to download an ad-free version for $1.99 which will allow you to play without any annoying pop-ups. We’re sure your folks will agree that that’s still nothing compared to how much they used to splash out for your computer game collection. 

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