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28th Sep 2021

There’s a drag story-time event happening this Saturday

Fiona Frawley

Looking to inject a bit of colour and creativity into your Saturday afternoon?

This drag event could be just the ticket.

There’s drag story-time happening this Saturday (2nd October) on ye olde Zoom as part of GAZE, Ireland’s LGBTQ+ film festival. The event promises stories, creativity and daftness, and sounds perfect for kids and parents looking for a light hearted, immersive experience.

The event will be hosted by Irish drag performers Avoca Reaction and Ben Panthera. Ben is a drag king who “mixes magic with mindfulness, with an extra special passion for all things books and reading”. Avoca is “Ireland’s premiere non-binary drag entity” and has hosted a number of similar events in Irish libraries and outdoors for schools and care homes over the past year. They’ve also written and published their own children’s book, ‘Sam and the Shapeshifters’.

If you have a little one at home who’d love to experience the fun, creative world of drag, tickets are available HERE. Little audience members should bring their favourite teddy and some art supplies – (“any old paper and crayons, pencils, markers, paints will be ideal”).

And if you have easily distracted kiddos at home, no worries. Little artists are welcome to pop in and out as needed, and can join back in the fun at any stage. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Header image via Eventbrite 

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