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24th Jan 2022

Birdhouse Galway to offer discount for hospitality workers this week

Katy Thornton

birdhouse galway chicken

If you’ve been grafting like no other since hospitality reopened fully, Birdhouse in Galway wants to show their appreciation.

Last weekend was a good one for Ireland. Nearly all of our pandemic restrictions were lifted, including anything on the hospitality sector. We said goodbye to the 8pm curfew, and hello to nightclubs reopening. Gone are the time limits, or capacity limits. It was a good weekend. It was also a busy weekend, particularly for everyone who works in hospitality.

Much as we’re sure you’re delighted things are returning to normal (and not the new normal, the normal normal), there were probably plenty of very tired hospitality workers this morning. To show their appreciation, Birdhouse Galway will offer all the hospitality grafters a 10% discount off their menu this week.

Birdhouse have some class dishes on their menu, including chicken tenders and wings. They also have curly corn for all the veggies out there. You can choose your sauce, whether that’s sticky, dry, or hot. Birdhouse also has a ton of different dips (essential for wings or tenders) and a range of loaded fries. Essentially if you’re a Galway hospitality worker, treat yourself to the Birdhouse discount this week for getting through a long albeit joyous weekend.

Just make sure to bring some proof of employment along with you to avail of this discount.

Header image via Instagram/birdhouse_galway

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