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07th Oct 2019

Celebrate World Noodle Day With A Trip To This Galway Restaurant

Sarah Finnan

October 6 marked World Noodle Day, and I can’t quite believe that I let it slip by uncelebrated.

A steaming bowl of noodles on a cold autumn day sounds positively dreamy.

If I were in Galway, I would most definitely be marking the occasion with a trip to Xi’an Street Food.

Centrally located on Quay Street, it’s right in the heart of the action…far too easily accessible for a hungry student with limited disposable income.

Casual dining with seating both upstairs and outside, the portion sizes are ginormous, and the food never disappoints. At least in my experience.

Known for using only the purest of ingredients and no artificial flavouring, the famous Xi’an Biang Biang noodles have quite the fan following both in Galway and further afield.

Aptly named after the sound the dough makes when being slapped against the counter (all part of the process, no noodles are harmed in the making), you can get them served up with chicken, beef, pork, prawns, duck or lamb.

The signature dish of freshly made thick noodles is then flavoured with hot peppers, spices and topped with chilli oil. Just as good as it looks.

I for one could eat oodles of Biang Biang noodles and with a branch in Dublin as well, it seems that I can.

Straying from the Galway original feels like cheating though, so until my next visit out west I’ll have to make do with a bowl of something homemade.

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