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01st Feb 2020

Kim Kardashian’s Chicken McNugget policy proves very controversial

Darragh Murphy

Kim Kardashian's McDonald's order

Kim Kardashian will only eat her Chicken McNuggets if they come accompanied by a particular sauce and it’s divided opinion in a big way.

Apparently, Kim pairs her McDonald’s chicken nuggets with honey and honey alone.

Full disclosure – we have never tried the combination so it would be unfair for us to comment but it’s absolutely fair to say that social media is not so sure.

The revelation came about following a video posted by McDonald’s which revealed the preferred orders of a number of famous names – Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West among them (spoiler alert – Kanye is a BBQ sauce man).

When Twitter got wind of Kim’s policy on Chicken McNuggets via one tweet that read “I gotta try dipping my chicken nuggets in honey”, the reality television star responded with disbelief.

Kim tweeted the below and kickstarted a shit-storm of a debate in her replies.

Some completely understood where Kim was coming from.

Others had their own thoughts

While many had a problem with Kim talking about Chicken McNuggets after announcing she was eating vegan last summer.

We’d be lying if we said that we weren’t tempted to give it a go, mind.

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