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12th Apr 2018

A Brand New Irish Whiskey Launched Last Night

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Ireland has been kicking-ass in the drink world as of late. We can barely go a week without a new gin or craft beer being released and it’s such a buzz. There are so many brilliant minds coming together to make some deadly creations and it really is something to be proud of. 

About a month ago, I bought myself a bar trolley and ever since then I’ve been building my collection, gathering new spirits, beers and interesting flavours. It’s really opened my mind to the drinks world. I find myself getting so excited every time I hear something new has been released, another one to add to the collection, if you will. 

We all have our own way to relax and treat ourselves, for me, it’s lighting a few candles, putting on a vinyl record and pouring myself a drink of something special. 

I’ve always been obsessed with gin but recently I’ve developed a newfound love for a good whiskey. There’s talk that in a few years whiskey will replace gin as the new trendy spirit but I can see this happening already. 

Last night saw the launch of a brand new whiskey and I am living for it. It’s called Lambay Irish Whiskey and it looks bloody delish. 

The small and independent craft company pride themselves on having a unique and authentic taste.

There are two flavours – Lambay Small Batch Blend (€41) and Lambay Single Malt (€57). Both are made with cognac casks finish, which gives them their special flavour. 

You can purchase it in L Mulligan Grocers, Celtic Whiskey Shop, premium off- licences and whiskey bars in Dublin , including Peters Pub, the Ragtrader,  Sheehans, The Bank, and The Temple Bar. It will also be available in locations such as Athlone, Kerry, Cork, Galway and Limerick over the coming months.

Another one to add to the collection!

(I better make some space on my trolley!)

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