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13th Feb 2018

Irish Tesco Stores Won’t Let You Buy More Than Four Bottles Of Gordon’s Pink Gin – Here’s Why


Tesco has introduced a limit on how much Gordon’s Premium Pink gin can be bought per person ahead of Valentines Day this year.

The quota was introduced in order to ensure availability of the beverage to as many people as possible, as the drink’s growing popularity has seen it fly off the shelves in the past couple of weeks.

The maximum quantity of pink gin that can be bought per person is four bottles. 

A spokesperson for Tesco told the Irish Independent: “We’ve seen strong sales in Gordon’s Pink Gin in the run up to Valentine’s Day and to ensure availability for all customers we’ve introduced a limit on number of bottles that can be sold in a single sale.”

Now, to be fair, four bottles of pink gin should be absolutely plenty for the night that’s in it, but you definitely wouldn’t want to be planning on throwing a whopper Valentines party tomorrow night. 

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