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16th Aug 2021

S’more cocktails are a thing and here’s where you can get one

Fiona Frawley

Looking to live your best summer camp life while also enjoying the buzz only a boujie cocktail can offer? Keep reading, babes.

As we all know well, the only way to get through a Monday is by scrolling insta and fantasising about the delectable array of cocktails you’ll be sipping on once Friday hits. It’s never too early to dream, girls. And if, like me, you’ve been obsessed with s’mores as a concept ever since seeing them enjoyed by Mary Kate & Ashley and the like on American tv shows back in the day, you’ll be immediately adding this cocktail from The Mariner Bar in Wicklow Town to your To Drink list.

Let’s be real. Espresso martinis have served us well over the years as a go-to sweet, chocolatey cocktail, but could it be time for a new beverage to take the throne? The Cold S’mores could be the one. Marshmallow infused vodka, creme de cacao, fresh cream and bitters topped off with an actual marshmallow singed to perfection, imagining sipping on one of these is giving me life right now, not to be dramatic or anything.

If the Cold S’mores looks a bit rich for you, I might judge you but The Mariner won’t. They’ve got a stunning cocktail menu with plenty of other delish options such as their watermelon margarita and the tasty Muay Thai with spiced rum and pineapple. Definitely one to hit up with the gals.

Header image via Instagram/Mariner Bar and Eat House  

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