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11th Feb 2022

Donegal pub raises over €4,000 with Covid swear jar

Katy Thornton

covid swear jar

Who knew that talking about Covid so much could do some good?

Back in January we reported on Alt Bar’s No Covid Talk initiative, whereby anyone who uses the c word would have to forfeit €2 to the swear jar. Much as we’re all sick of hearing about it, we somehow can’t stop ourselves from talking about it. The Donegal pub decided to put this to some good, by creating a Covid swear jar. Their aim was to donate any money gathered to a local charity.

Just one month later, the Killea pub have managed to raise a whopping €4225 for Donegal Hospice, all because of the Covid swear jar. Now for anyone with little grasp on maths (like us), that means that the word “Covid” was uttered over 2,000 times. It seems that, try as we might, we just cannot shut up about Miss Rona; what can we say, she has a chokehold on us.

Fair play to Alt Bar for raising the funds for such an incredible cause. If you’d like to donate, you can do so through this link. Let’s be honest, we all use the word Covid about 20 times a day, despite our best intentions. Although for Donegal Hospice, it’s certainly worth it.

Header image via Instagram/alt_bar_killea

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