This Donegal pub has introduced a Covid-19 fine jar in aid of a local charity

By Katy Thornton

January 10, 2022 at 1:10pm


And they're not afraid to enforce this rule.

I know I'm not the only one who is damn near sick of hearing about coronavirus. Even in her many aliases, Covid, Rona, Ms. Rona, It; we're all a bit sick of "it", and more than that, sick of not having anything else to talk about but "it". Well, it's partially habit, which is fair enough. We're entering our third year of the pandemic; discussing Covid has become as banal as discussing the weather. I know when I meet with friends we all have the best of intentions but it's difficult to not get sucked into the depths of discussing the ol' panny d when there's a lull in conversation.

Well, if there was a penalty for every time we mentioned Covid, maybe we would be able to control ourselves better.

Alt Bar in Killea, Donegal introduced a Covid Fine Jar. It's essentially a swear jar, except the only word you cannot say is "Covid". Pretty genius if you ask us. Per mention it will cost you €2, and any money raised will go straight to a local charity. So if you just cannot stop yourself from talking about it, or find yourself with a particularly bad case of word vomit, Cady Herron style, at least your slip up is in aid of a good cause.

We thought this was absolutely gas and hope it both forces people to talk about something else, but also raises some money. I mean, I owe them €12 just for the six times I mention it in this article alone.

Header image via Instagram/alt_bar_killea

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