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24th Nov 2017

Dealz Is Introducing A Low-Cost Fashion Line Into Its Irish Stores


“Where ya get your coat?”

“Dealz, hun.”

It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Penneys but Dealz is set to introduce a similarly affordable fashion line into their Irish stores.

According to The Irish Times, the discount retail chain plans to put UK clothing outlet Pep&Co into some of their larger stores across Ireland.

The fashion line already has 170 branches in the UK alone with jeans costing as little as €13.50 and runners from €5.60, and they plan to have similar prices here in Ireland.

While many items will be very cheap, some of the clothes look pretty nice and the most expensive item in its range is a coat that costs only €31.50.

The newspaper reported that Dealz is looking at which of its 60 Irish stores could be big enough to accommodate a Pep&Co outlet.

Here is what you can expect to see:

The Managing Director of Dealz, Adrian Mountford told The Irish Times that they plan to bring the discount family clothing line to towns with limited competition. More news on the range is set to be announced in January.

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