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16th Apr 2019

Penneys Employees Reveal The Absolute Best Time To Shop In The Store

Megan Cassidy

If you’re planning on blowing your paycheck in Penneys this weekend, take heed.

While the bargain retailer is great for grabbing all the latest trends without doing too much damage to your wallet, it’s fair to say the experience can be quite spirit-crushing, especially if it’s busy.

Elbows in the ribs, piles of knickers all over the shop and poor selection of sizes are just some of the most common complaints, and are liable to bring out the worst in us. (Screw you, old lady, I’m getting the last size 12!)

Now Primark employees have revealed their insider secrets – including the best time to shop – and we’re fairly sure they’ll be applicable this side of the pond, too.

Interestingly, there isn’t one particular day that’s best for new stock, as they actually restock every single day.

It’s no big surprise then that the mornings are a good time to pop in for a look, but employees say there’s another sweet spot when things are nice and organised and stock refreshed – one hour before closing.

Staffer (and YouTuber) Ella Mai revealed: ” The best times to visit the store will always be first thing in the morning and an hour before closing, as these will be the times when our recovery on the floor is at its best.”

So there you go, if you’ve a day of shopping planned, keep Penneys to the end of the hitlist for best results (and minimum elbow bashing).