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This Sneaky Penneys Hack Means That No One Will Have The Same Top As You

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There’s nothing worse than walking down town in a new top you’ve bought from Penneys and realising every single person in the city is wearing it too.

Hey, we’re all shopping there and they only release a few items identical to the growing fashion trends so it’s unavoidable… right?


Last week one of the girls in Lovin swanned into the office in this stunning silk yellow and grey shirt. Everyone in the office was complimenting her on it, it was so fab.

I’m a bit of a hawk eye when it comes to Penneys so when she told me that she had picked it up in the popular high street store I couldn’t believe it, it looked much more expensive and I hadn’t seen it on anyone else.

Thing is, she had a shhhhhneaky lil secret.

She had been picking up these stunning silky shirt from the pyjama section!

As soon as she said it I was shocked that I hadn’t thought of it myself.


Best of all, no one else will have the top (unless they’ve read this article too!)

I think a trip to the nightwear section is a must.

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