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15th Jul 2022

After her order was rejected woman climbs into McDonald’s drive-thru to cook it herself

Emily Mullen

We’re lovin’ it

A woman was so determined to get a McDonald’s after her order was rejected that she literally climbed through the drive-thru window to make it herself.

According to @greergreer, the TikToker who posted a clip of the incident, the drive-thru employees had run out of gloves, so were not allowed to take any more orders for hygiene reasons.

Looking desperate for a burger and fries, the hungry woman at the window then asked the employees if they “did everything” they could, before climbing through the drive-thru window in a dress and high heels.

“Lady climbs thru McDonald’s window because we’re not taking any more orders CAUSE we have no gloves,” is the caption of the video, which has exploded across TikTok.

It’s received over 100,000 likes and over 700,000 views.

@greergreer #fyp #viral #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – quezgreer

The woman hilariously asked for “the manager on duty” to see if she could start her “first day of training” and make the order herself.

“It’s my first day of training and I came inaptly dressed, so you’re not responsible,” she added.

Employees were unsurprisingly in absolute stitches watching her.

Moral of the story: nothing can stop a woman getting her hands on a Maccies.

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