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07th Oct 2021

Dog that took train from Newbridge to Heuston has been reunited with her owner

Katy Thornton

Look at that sweet little face. Turns out she has a bit of a Houdini streak in her!

We were delighted to hear that the little dog was reunited with her owner. This pup casually took a journey from Newbridge to Heuston this morning, perhaps for a change of scenery. Either way the customer information team at Heuston looked after the pup upon her arrival and tweeted in the hopes of finding her owner.

Luckily a few hours later her owner was found and the pup is making her way home to be reunited with them. According to Irish Rail the pup’s owner relayed tales of her great escapes, and her uncanny ability to open doors and even scale walls.

We hope she enjoyed her brief stay in Dublin. We’re sure the customer information team in Heuston station will miss her.

Header image via Twitter/IrishRail

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