Experts Ask Public To Report Sightings Of Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Irish waters are now infested with them

Lions Mane Jellyfish 2

Marine scientists have called for people to report sightings of Lion's Mane Jellyfish off the Irish coast.

The jellyfish, which are bigger than normal this year, are pretty rare in Ireland but there have been a number of sightings off the east, west and south coasts.

According to RTÉ news, researchers at the Ryan Institute in NUI Galway have reminded people that rinsing with vinegar and immersing them in hot water for over half an hour is the best way to treat the stings rather than seawater and ice packs.

While the stings are not fatal, they can cause a lot of discomfort which begins as localised pain before spreading to back pain, nausea, and cramps.

Swimmers and beach-goers are being asked to report any sightings to the National Biodiversity website.

Scientists believe they have "over-wintered" in Ireland and are here for a second season.

They have also said that the higher numbers could be down to a lack of predators due to plastic pollution.

Be careful lads, but most importantly don't be Ralph

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