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15th Apr 2017

5 Ways To Wear Your Support For The Repeal The 8th Campaign


One of Ireland’s most publicised campaigns this year, the very important Repeal The 8th has gathered support from around the country by people who are hoping to give Irish women bodily autonomy.

If you’re behind this campaign, here are five ways to show your support on your sleeve.

1. Repeal Project Sweatshirts

Probably the most well-known merchandise, these jumpers have been popping up all over Ireland. 

They’re on sale by the Repeal Project, a campaign that aims to “give a voice to a hidden problem”. 

Constantly selling out, they’re currently available to buy for €25 in Nine Crows stores in both Dublin and Galway.


2. Abortion Rights Badges

A handy way to show your solidarity on everything you own, these badges are sold by the Abortion Rights Campaign. 

There’s currently four designs; the Abortion Rights Campaign logo, the ARC ‘Repeal the 8th’ design in green and white, and a ‘Free, Safe, Legal’ design.

We recommend going for the 12 badge set for just €8, so you can give them to all your like-minded friends.


3. I Am Hunreal Tee

The first batch of these sold out within 15 minutes, and on the second batch the website crashed. 

A stun-hun worthy site, The Hunreal Issues tackles problems head on, as perfectly demonstrated on this t-shirt design that will show exactly what you think of the 8th Amendment. 

For sale on their site for a mere €15.

Hunreal Tee 1024X1024

4. Maser Repeal The 8th Leggings

Another fab piece on sale from The Hunreal Issues, these leggings feature the famous Maser mural that was taken down in Dublin earlier this year. 

Andrea Horan of The Hunreal Issues has said that the purpose of the clothing is to “give hope to people that Repeal is on the way”. 

€89 and on sale here, wear these to the gym, out strolling – basically just wear them everywhere.


5. Custom Repeal Necklace

The Dublin-based jewellery designers Love and Robots partnered with Abortion Rights Campaign to design this Repeal necklace with 20% of each sale being donated to the campaign. 

Necklaces are made from acrylic and come in plenty of different colours and styles, they can be bought online and are ranging in price from €50-€150.

Full Size Render 14

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