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01st Dec 2023

You can actually light a virtual candle for someone in Knock

Katy Thornton

virtual candle knock

Exam and essay season is fast approaching.

The sacred act of lighting a candle for someone for good luck has always been something that’s filled us with hope. Just knowing your granny’s friend’s sister has lit a candle for you can go a long way in calming your nerves ahead of exams, or a job interview, or a presentation.

Secondary school and college students alike will be entering into exam season at the moment, and if you know someone in desperate need of some good vibes, then a virtual candle lighting is just the thing.

virtual candle knock

Knock takes this age old tradition into the modern day by creating a space to light a virtual candle, for when you simply don’t have a candle or match available to you.

According to the website, for every virtual candle lighting, a real candle will be lit at Knock Shrine.

Lighting a candle for someone has been forever revolutionised. Where will technology go next?

If you know such a person and want to boost their luck a little, you can light a candle virtually HERE.

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