Throwback to when Niall Horan explained 12 pubs on Jimmy Fallon

By Katy Thornton

December 1, 2023 at 10:01am


It's hard to believe there are some (most) parts of the world that don't celebrate, or even know, what 12 Pubs of Christmas is.

Luckily for fans of Jimmy Fallon, Niall Horan was able to shed some light on the subject back in 2017, and every Christmas we come back to this clip for some wholesome viewing.

Thanks to the wonderful medium that is TikTok, the clip came back into our memories, and we had to share the whole interview with you.

When asked if he has any plans for Christmas, Niall Horan goes on to explain our quaint little tradition of 12 Pubs. Jimmy Fallon is hanging onto every word as Niall says he and his mates from school go on a massive pub crawl.

Luckily for Niall, there's 26 pubs along one mile of his hometown of Mullingar, and therefore there's no shortage of places to stop in at. At this, Jimmy simply expresses: "I love Ireland."

The whole interview is worth a watch, as he goes on to explain the many rules of 12 Pubs, as well as the backstory as to why everyone hates Brussel sprouts (which is totally accurate by the way).


Header image via Instagram/niallhoran & /jimmyfallon


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