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08th Jan 2019

Ryanair’s New Baggage Rules Are About To Get Even Stricter Starting From Today

Kiara Keane

Ryanair’s new baggage rules came into effect last November, clamping down on anyone who didn’t pay extra for their luggage.

Some of these rules were temporarily relaxed while people got used to the changes but that’s all changing from today.

The new rules state that passengers have to pay €8 to check in a 10kg bag, while a larger case weighing up to 20kg costs €25, or sometimes more depending on the route and season.

Anyone who pays for priority boarding will still be able to bring their 10kg suitcase on board, as well as their ‘personal’ bag, with prices starting from €6 one way.

Those who turned up to the gate with a larger bag and tried to bring it on board without paying the extra fees were warned that they would have to pay for it to be checked into the hold, although this rule came with a grace period.

This charge was temporarily waived until the end of December, and during the first week of January people only had to pay €10 to have it checked into the hold.

But as of today, the grace period and reduced fees are gone and you’ll now be charged €25 to have your suitcase put into the hold at the gate. Alternatively, you can pay €20 to check it in at the airport’s bag drop area before going through security.

Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs, said, “We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our customers and airports across Europe that our new bag policy has reduced airport security queues and improved the boarding gate experience.”

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