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19th Mar 2020

Irish Rugby team make young fan’s day, telling him to ‘keep smiling’

Sarah Finnan

Irish rugby respond to young fan's letter

The Irish Rugby team has made a young fan’s day, responding to his heartfelt letter on Twitter.

Evan Lewis, a 10-year-old rugby fan from Wales, has been using his time at home to start putting his dreams into action.

Self-isolating at home, Evan and his family have been coming up with creative ways to stay entertained. Tasked with writing a letter to a person of his choosing, Evan decided to address his to the Irish Rugby team.

The letter starts:

“Dear Ireland Rugby Team,

I am writing to you to share my interest in becoming a rugby player for your excellent team.”

Wasting no time in getting to the point, Evan continues:

“I would like to start talking about my abilities. I am fit, I am committed to what I am doing, I am strong, I can work individually or in a team (happy to work in a team).

I will guarantee to be at training every day and most importantly I will always have a smile on my face.”

Adding that he loves rugby “for lots of reasons”, Evan concludes by reiterating that he would be a perfect fit for the team. He makes quite the convincing case, doesn’t he?

As one commenter pointed out – many of us have filled out job applications much less eloquently.

The letter managed to grab the attention of the powers that be, with the Irish Rugby team tweeting their reply to the young sportsman.

Their advice? Keep smiling.

That’s some pretty solid advice – advice that we could all probably do with following at the moment.

With part one of his plan in motion, we imagine Evan will be spending the rest of his time at home working on his skills on the pitch and who knows, maybe we’ll see him wearing an Ireland jersey sometime soon.

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