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29th Jul 2021

WATCH: Skibbereen rowers win an Olympic Gold Medal for Ireland

Fiona Frawley

While I was celebrating Irish Love Islander Matthew get the shift with Kaz, there was another victory for Ireland in the making at the Tokyo Olympics.

At about 01:50am Irish time, Skibbereen rowers Paul O’Donovan and Fintan McCarthy made history with their dramatic win in Tokyo, securing Ireland’s first ever Olympic Gold medal in rowing. Paul O’Donovan is one half of the full-time-athletes-part-time-comedians double act that we all know got to know during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

O’Donovan and his brother Gary instantly acquired Irish national treasure status when they came second in the same event in Rio 2016, with their iconic post-race interview etched in our minds forever. We know that they love a good feed, specifically steaks and by God have they earned it! Check out a few of there most iconic moments and sayings below!

(Video via Youtube RTE Sport)

This year, O’Donovan has swapped out ‘close your eyes and pull like a dog‘ for a more humble ‘we put a lot of solid effort in and it paid off’ and pay off it did. O’Donovan and McCarthy finished the race with a record breaking time of 6.06.43!

It wouldn’t be like the boys to make a fuss though, when asked their feelings on being Ireland’s first Olympic Gold medallists in nine years they nonchalantly  replied “…ah I suppose it’s fine“. Cool as ever.

In other Irish Olympic news, the Women’s Four took home the Bronze medal with a time of 6:20:46, just five seconds behind Silver medalists the Netherlands.

We have all the faith that there are plenty more medals to come for Team Ireland!

Header image via Twitter/Tokyo Olympics 

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