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16th Sep 2021

Relive this emotional moment during a 2016 Maori All Blacks vs. Munster game

Katy Thornton

This moment will be remembered for years to come

A TikTok video went viral today, documenting an incredible moment in rugby history. The Maori All Blacks played Munster in Limerick’s Thomond Park back in November 2016. Weeks prior to the match, the Munster’s former coach Anthony “Axel” Foley sadly passed away at the age of 42. Foley died while in France with the Munster team from a heart rhythm disorder, leaving his wife Olive and his two young sons, Dan and Tony.

The passing of Anthony Foley was incredibly tragic, so when the Maori All Blacks came to play Munster, they wanted to pay tribute to him. Ash Dixon, the captain of the team, stepped forward and placed a jersey on the pitch with the initials AF on the back. The Maori All Blacks proceeded to do the Haka Te Timatanga in the pelting rain to honour Foley. Dixon then presented the jersey to Foley’s children.

It was a tribute we won’t soon forget.

Header image via TikTok/allblacks

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