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05th Oct 2021

Temperatures to rise as Ireland is affected by Hurricane Sam

Katy Thornton

And we just got all our coats and scarves out

It’s been a chilly week, but before you put away all your summer clothes, the temperature is meant to rise from Wednesday. Hurricane Sam has been crossing the Atlantic, weakening as it approaches Iceland. Hurricane Sam is now considered an ex-hurricane, and will carry warm air over Ireland.

According to Met √Čireann’s meteorologist Elizabeth Coleman, “The path of ex-Hurricane Sam will allow a very mild, tropical maritime airmass to move across Ireland, bringing temperatures well above average for the time of year from Wednesday onwards.”

Temperatures will rise up to 15-19 degrees from tomorrow. According to Met √Čireann, the average maximum temperature is 10 degrees, so this is unprecedented. However, the warm conditions will soon pass, and the weather is expected to return to the norm for this time of year.

So you might not need that winter coat and scarf for another week yet.

Header image via Twitter/MetEireann

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