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23rd Aug 2021

The last week of summer is set to bring us the sunshine we deserve!

Fiona Frawley

Time to pop open the last of the summer wine.

This week the country is set to see temperatures as high as 25 degrees according to Met Éireann.

Today will ease us in with patches of cloud and mist in the west, but it’s due to brighten up as the day continues. By the time this afternoon hits, temperatures are set to reach up to 20 and 23 degrees.

Tomorrow, early morning fog and mist will clear to make way for temperatures of 20-24 degrees, warmest away from the east coast.

On Wednesday, temperatures are expected to reach 22-25 degrees widely across the country. On Thursday it’s due to be warmest in the south west as northerly winds are set to keep temperatures at about 20 degrees in the northeast. On Friday we can expect easterly winds, with temperatures on the east coast no lower than 20 degrees.

Early indications suggest that this warm, settled spell will continue into the weekend with temperatures set to remain in the twenties although there may be showers at times.

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