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08th Mar 2019

Americans Are Going Crazy Over This Secret Irish Castle You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


One of the best things about Ireland is that it is packed with amazing discoveries that you’ll only stumble upon if you venture off the beaten path.

One such gem is the jawdropping Guinness Tower on the grounds of Ashford Castle, which came to attention of one lucky tourist on a visit to Mayo recently.

Reddit user winksykia shared a snap of the fairytale structure on the social platform and the thread has since gone viral, with thousands commenting on the Cong site.

So, what is it?

Guinness Tower, or Leonard’s Tower as it is also known, is located in Cong Woods (near Teach Ailie Cave) and was originally built by Benjamin Lee Guinness back in 1864.

Tucked away on the woodland trail, the tower is approximately 20m high and is open to the public – so you can climb up the spiral staircase and take in the view from the top.

The general consensus is that the view isn’t quite as impressive as it once was, due to the growth of the trees surrounding it, but it’s definitely still worth a visit for an Insta snap alone!

Definitely one for your next road trip – and you can even enjoy an afternoon tea picnic while you’re there!

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