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22nd Oct 2017

Ray D’Arcy And Dustin The Turkey Had A Lovely Reunion On RTÉ One Last Night


Growing up in ’90s Ireland meant that you probably spent a huge portion of your life planted in front of Ray D’Arcy and Dustin The Turkey on Den TV.

The children’s show was full of so many moments that are still cherished by Irish people of a certain age: the random fights with Ted the Teddy Bear, the battles of wits with their archenemies Podge and Rodge, and ripping the piss out of any guest that dared come on the show… including President Mary Robinson herself.

Of course, since the ’90s D’Arcy has gone on to be a popular radio and TV presenter in other Irish programmes, so last night he invited his own colleague Dustin onto his Saturday night chat show to relive the glory days.

Prepare for a blast from the past…

Can we please get the whole cast back together for a proper reunion show, RTÉ? Just think of the ratings!

To watch the full segment, visit RTÉ Player HERE.

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