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This ‘Ray D’Arcy Show’ Audience Member Made A Cheeky Gesture On Live TV

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Members of live studio audiences in Ireland are known for being very bold altogether.

Oh yes, they think they’re absolutely hilarious when the camera turns on them and they do something silly like point at the camera, wink at the camera or raise their eyebrows comically.

Bunch of feckin’ messers, the lot of ’em.

The latest offender was in the audience of ‘The Ray D’Arcy Show’ last week, having almost gotten away with it, until it was brought to our attention that one man pulled a classic schoolboy manoeuvre on everyone watching at home…

That’s right my friends, this lad was playing the Circle Game and by looking at his finger circle he in now entitled to punch you in the arm. 

And if we’re not mistaken he also dabbed a little as well?! He really made the most of his few seconds of screen-time.

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